Sunday, June 6, 2010

spotted: stylish strawberry girl

When I saw that pleasant young south african woman here I just said spontanously: "Look at that sweet strawberry over there!"
Even though the outfit looks a bit conceptional she still comes across spontanous and fresh so as if she were in a rush when she dressed up. The red ballerinas combined with the chanel inspired vintage bag and the parisian beret are a cute selection of fashionable items that go well together.
As a huge friend of oversize cardigans I was always affected by outfits that make me doubt whether the combination is actually put together accidently or on purpose. Outfits of this type remind me of a painter who leaves his studio for a spontanous shopping-tour and throughs his work coat over and simply uses it as a jacket. People like that prefer to wear rather what they love instead of what works, which conveys authenticity and that fact illustrates a completely new fashion statement. And while we are on the subject: Check out my favorite new discovery, a very funny sitcom called "accidently on purpose". Seth showed it to me a few months ago and I love our evenings when we would just chill and laugh our asses of about the funny situations that Jenna Elfmann and her young lover goes through:

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