Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spotted: In Cape Town...Straw Fedoras

Some might not understand the purpose of this post, but i felt the need to post it because people don't wear straw hats anymore, partly because its not 2008 anymore and also because lately every member of the masses believes they can pull them off, which is not always the case. When i saw this guy some weeks back I really liked his fedora, straw as it was, mainly because it was very well accessorised, it didnt look like a standard fedora with a black or navy shash, on this one, the sash had been used as an interesting and beautiful motif, which i quite liked. So although I'm over fedoras, if it looks interesting and has more detail than something you'll find at Woolworths = thumbs up. Insert: Victoria Beckham has a collection of fedoras that even though its 2 years past the trend I'd still love to own, my favorite being the white Vintage YSL with the zip.

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