Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Item 'du jour'....Hermès Bag

Hermès, the French luxury fashion house whose name has become unanimous with un compromised premium quality is better known for their silk scarves that cannot be rivaled as well as their female hand bag collection, especially the Birkin, after Jane Birkin, popularized by Victoria Beckham. But what most don’t realize is that Hermès has a huge male bags and luggage offering – Hermès conducts auctions often of their vintage designs or second hand items and that’s where I came across this bag, this is bag is the perfect size for a guy, who is a lil bit more into timeless classic designs with an edge, the red colour is very daring while the design appears functional and basic, being Hermès we can only imagine what superior leather has been used, oh to love a bag, to wish it was more affordable.