Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Royal Loafers

Hand made shoes?
The first attributes we think of when we hear "hand made shoes" is that they are unaffordable, maybe old-fashioned and way too exclusive. But no! Cape Town shoe designer Ninon Louw designs hand work which is suprisingly fair priced, well manufactured and timeless.
After one has choosen a model one has the choice between a wide range of colours in different tones and can even choose if the shoes should be in suede, leather or even both(see picture). In fact you can create your own hand made shoe without any extra costs involved. I think that's fantastic and and makes NINON unique in Cape Town. I already ordered the loafers from the picture and I can't wait for her to call me and tell me that I can pick them up. The leather is absolutly soft and the royal touch reminds me of a moody young prince. Those loafers are simply elegant, comfortable and stylish. I havn't fallen in love with a pair of shoes like that for quiet a while and some of you might think that I am exaggerating right now. Maybe I am. But for me personally those pair of suede and leather loafers are magical slippers! Aladin would wear those slippers on his magic carpet. The feeling of a naked foot in a soft suede loafer reminds a little bit of arabic camel leather slippers.

This is just an introduction of NINON as you can look forward to hear more about this talented woman from us pretty soon. Check for more information:
Ninon Louw presents a selection of her unique shoe collection every saturday at "The Old Biscuit Mill" in Woodstock. Check it out, its worth it, especially if you are a big shoe fan like me.

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