Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spotted: Edgy Effervescence in Woodstock

The minute I saw her, I was instantly drawn to her interpretation of a hoodie as you can see it's got a twisted diagonal button design, and the collar is very interesting, it’s got a sort of built in scarf, which is pretty cool cuz Balenciaga did jackets similar to that way back in 2007. The 2nd thing I noticed was how utterly amazing her pale grey leather jacket was, it had no lapels, but was accentuated with stitch detail diverging from the neck – swoon. Until this Swede looking blonde Dennis and I hadn’t quite managed to find someone who embodied what I like to call ‘High Street Shabby’, which is basically a look that is ultra trendy, whilst being incredibly individualistic & very blasé all at the same time, like she just threw it on and came out amazing, no one else could pull of this entire look as effortlessly as she did. In this pic, her effervescent smile tells a story about her personality.

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  1. oh she does look lovely, where is the jacket from?