Friday, September 10, 2010

A fashionable way to achieve immortality

During my stay in Frankfort/Main, Germany, I toddled along the streets and came upon the Pop-Up-Store Market 41. It was a rainy day and I couldn't make peace with the fact that summer was already over when I discovered heaven on earth for the fashion enthusiasts. The shiny naturalness of the tiny shop was appealing, not only because of the charmingly lady that whipped out a warm smile of welcome as I came through the door, but also because of the lovingly and stylish arranged premises. Market 41 is indeed a hidden treasure in Frankfort. The Chai-Necklace caught my eye! Chai is the Hebrew word for LIFE. Elvis Presley wore one when he performed and we all know he is immortal. I might have discovered his secret of immortality and didn't think twice before purchasing the gold and turquoise necklace which was my favorite. While Lea Vajnorsky, the owner of the shop, was placing the necklace around my neck, she was excitedly telling me how she met the designer, Hadar Mamrud in Israel. Hence she immediately decided to sell the necklaces in her own store in Frankfort/main. Initially both had doubts whether such necklace with the Jewish symbol "חי" would sell in Germany. Eventually after Lea imported the "Necklace Of Immortality", many people were surprisingly enthusiastic hence she had to order some more. What an interesting story! I thought to myself this is a beautiful example of how trends become global today. Right now it`s worth visiting the store because of the brand new autumn collection! Among other labels such as Red Collar, Sixpack, Black Lilly, you can find stylish 5 pre view T-shirts and beautiful pieces made out of fur. Not to mention this incredibly stylish shopping bag that I fell in love with.


Grosse Bockenheimer Strasse 41, D-60313 Frankfurt am Main

Owners: Lea Vajnorsky and Yves Hofmann

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  1. I love it, saw Dennis wearing one on Friday and fell inlove with it...